Barnes & Noble and I

With the emergence of the Internet, many people remove the habit of reading a book.

But¬†every¬†day I’m going to¬†enjoy at any¬†Barnes &¬†Noble, I’m convinced¬†that even¬†read!!!.

That’s why, BN¬†not only¬†¬ęsells¬Ľ books, BN¬†sells quality, plus¬†in each¬†BN, feel¬†an energy¬†that¬†surrounds us and¬†we¬†spend many¬†hours reading, walking,¬†or taking¬†a coffee, because the alliance¬†strategic¬†Starbucks¬†did with BN¬†is the best that I saw., the best¬†combination¬†reading,¬†and a¬†Cafe.

We always find friendly, customer service they have is very good,good offers and all kinds of books


BN¬†allows¬†people to feel¬†free to read¬†¬ęfree¬Ľ, that is the SECRET, that one¬†way or another to¬†feel that¬†¬ęfreedom¬Ľ we are always¬†grateful and¬†finally bought.

In my case, sometimes¬†I carry my¬†own book to¬†read because¬†BN¬†is a place where¬†you feel¬†peaceful and relaxed…But¬†I always buy¬†my books¬†there …my¬†favorite authors¬†are¬†James¬†Patterson,Dennis Lehane,¬†DavidBaldacci¬†and¬†the biographies¬†that¬†DK¬†is¬†on the shelves of¬†BN¬†are very good!

If you¬†have¬†code,you have discounts and offers,the stores always in¬†order in all sections, all abouth the new¬†Nook,¬†and all¬†the accessories that¬†the reader needs,¬†you can find¬†in¬†the¬†BN…

I’ve a 2 BN that are my favorites : BN in Prudential and other is BN near to¬†Kenmore Square

It is one¬†of my favorite places¬†on¬†days off…If¬†you like to read¬†and buy books, breathe¬†in¬†an atmosphere full of good energy¬†and nice: go¬†to¬†BN….


In conclusion, BN: Peace

JC Giraldo

Pic: BN in Prudential Center,Boston,Ma..