M&M’s more than a chocolate…a World..!

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M&M’s more than a chocolate…a World..!

Wich M&M’s chocolate you like more?…well..dificult uh ..? I like more, the M&M peanut …Yes !

M & M’s is part of the Mars company, successful company that has other brands of chocolate and other products, but in this post, just write about M&M’s.

Always caught my attention the cool colors of the bags, chocolates and especially promotions each season that M & M’s that offers every year, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s day,etc

I think the success of M&M’s around the world is due to it’s very simple and fast to enjoy and sweeten our lives at a certain time of day…

Another way that I like M&M’s makes us all to be creative in how to enjoy M&M’s not just the bag, gave us the creativity to decorate our cakes, cookies, ice cream and so much more that we can enjoy with our families or friends.

Is AWESOME ….Did you know that each character of M & M’s has its own name and personality?..See :

All these are called Spoke Candies and if you look to each of them really represents what they really are…..But here we go:

Red: Cynical and Sardonic, who is the mascot for Milk Chocolate M&M’s.

Yellow: Happy and Gullible, who is the mascot for Peanut M&M’s

Blue: “Cool One”, who is the mascot for Almond M&M’s.

Green: The Seductive, green used to be the only female M&M’s mascot, who is the mascot for Peanut Butter M&M’s.

Orange: Slightly Neurotic “Crispy”, who is the mascot for Pretzel M&M’s.

Brown : and in 2012 we have a new character in our family Mrs.Brown…who is “sassy” and very  bossy…

I had the great satisfaction that I worked at the company that had the representation and distribution of products M & M’s in Peru.

I remember that I conducted the launch of M & M’s and other Mars chocolates during a Christmas  Season in the Shell Gas Stations in my country, with good results, the people was very happy  with the dispenser  products for Christmas season…

I have much to write in this Blog about M&M’s, I try to highlight my experience with these delicious chocolates and write and share the fun that they give us, I called  M&M’s Therapy 😉  with their different personalities and tastes and all in one way or another we like, children, adults , young and old, we always have fun with M & M’s….

Remember with M&M’s :FUN ALWAYS  

Hope You enjoy my post…

JC Giraldo.