Pepsi :The Choice of My Generation

Many times we ask ourselves: Why? I like a Soda more than another?

The reason is simple: As we grow our taste memory gets used to a certain flavor.

In my case when I was younger ( 21 ) and worked as Marketing & Advertising Coordinator for Pepsi in my Country, my brain got used to the great taste of Pepsi.

I started to love this soda, to this day in their different variants, such as Pepsi,Pepsi Light and Pepsi Max in different sizes.

When I Started to read¬†a great book¬†called¬†¬ęThe¬†Soda¬†Wars¬Ľ ¬Ľ Las Guerra de las Colas ¬ę ( Spanish Version ), written by¬†the former president¬†of¬†Pepsi, Roger¬†Enrico,detailing¬†the major¬†connections¬†at that time¬†with¬†Michael¬†Jackson, Juan¬†Luis¬†Guerra¬†and other greats of¬†the 90,¬†and some¬†football and Soccer teams, in this book ¬†also details how¬†the¬†market¬†is hit¬†against¬†Coke¬†and¬†Pepsi¬†!! starts to become¬†a leader!! very Good Book !!

With¬†this extraordinary¬†campaign called¬†Pepsi¬†Challenge, which was¬†a direct test of¬†taste between¬†Pepsi¬†vs.¬†Coke…In this campaign¬†I was privileged to¬†participate, in my country version,with only 21 yearsl old.

Pepsi gave me the opportunity to develop in the fantastic world of marketing, advertising and sales and to this day I was, am and will be a fan of Pepsi.

You know what¬†Pepsico¬†launched¬†without much success¬†Pepsi Crystal¬†the same flavor¬†of the original but¬†without¬†the color of a¬†black¬†soda, if not ¬ęwhite¬Ľ, and Pepsi Twist¬†, with lemon flavor…but good taste too..! and of course a favorite Pepsi Wild Cherry

I want share with you the List of Pepsi Variations¬† for that if you need ¬†more info…and the awesome abouth the Logos History!

Thanks¬†Pepsi¬†for being the¬†¬ęChoice of ¬†a New Generation,¬Ľ ¬†Pepsi¬†is the best…

JC Giraldo

ps. for more info about history  :