CVS : Convenience, Value and Service

I always wondered which means CVS ?…I was browsing the net, I found the answer:

«CVS» stands for «Convenience, Value and Service», But It Used To stand for «Consumer Value Stores».

Interesting .. Ah?

Today I write my blog about CVS, because I am a regular customer and also in my personal opinion is more varied than Walgreens, or simply that I like much more buy in CVS…maybe…

I have 3  CVS stores preferred Boylston St. in Boston, in Newton Center, and Walnut St. in   Newtonville, possibly because they are the places I most frequent.

But once I was at a CVS in NYC and Florida in many more, attention was always very good.

If you watch the shops, are more varied than Walgreens, in many ways, I think the attention of employees is vital in business.

Again we return to the rule that the basis for all organizations, large and small are the employees.

In my personal experience and I have always had very good experiences in CVS.

Each month that you buy, you can view your accumulated points per season, Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall, and I often had free products…Soaps, Deodorants, Chocolates, etc..

Many times we think to have a CVS card points ( Extra Care ), if we analyze are only 5 seconds it out of our wallet or much easier even if you have it on your key chain may only be 2 seconds.
Easy, then get your «reward»..

What I saw in CVS is also the diversity of genders and races there, which makes an organization more open to the globalized world.

Not saying that other companies do not, but many have that «improvement area» within.

Well , again I try put my experience with my personal opinion and share a good experience in CVS….  Pays You Back

Hope You Like My Post   

JC Giraldo.