The Attitude in Social Media

Sir Winston Churchill said: Â«The Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference «

On this famous phrase, I wanted to write today about the attitude of a person,  Beginner, Expert, or Guru, in Social Media.

According to Wikipedia, Attitude is defined as: Attitude is the act of a person, the behavior that an individual uses to do things. In this sense, one can say that it is his nature to act or behavior can also be considered as a form of social-character motivation therefore secondary motivation against biological, primary-type drives and action oriented towards specific goals and objectives.

In all things we do in daily life we must always we have attitude to do things now, in Social Media, which is the theme I’m writing, we have even more, at any level or skills about of tools that we have.

This attitude is based on the desire that we also learn, to teach, to share our skills and tips for others, just as they do with us our mentors or experts, even when time is always very valuable.

Something that I value in Social Media, is often contacted first people we’ve never met in person and yet, people help to others to improve on Twitter , Facebook Page, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Stumble Upon,Instagram.

The Proactivity of Social Media leaders to help beginners, is amazing, but even when we all know,that everything is in internet, but what makes the difference? Attitude.

Do not forget that one day we were all beginners and we always have something new to learn, that’s the most important thing in this business of Social Media.

I was lucky that some celebrities in the media, as Brian SolisDavid Meerman Scott, Pam Moore, Michael Stelzner and also some teachers of social media, as Niklas Myhr, Chapman University, Roberto Arancibia, Pacific University of Chile.

And other great entrepreneurs and mentors as Sarah Santacroce from Switzerland and Sarah Campbell of UK, or writers like Kyle Lacy or pherphaps CNN EXPRESS during the Presidential Election in United States.

And some celebrity like Marcia Cross, actress, Desperate Housewives, who had very kindly, of answering a tweet, about her birthplace here in Massachusetts.

They had and have good attitude to help, and had the time to answer me via email, Twitter or perhaps a post on Facebook, only with the intention of helping others to improve their skills, as was my case.

If one day you have many followers on Twitter, remember when you had none.

I want to end this post with something that I have received in a tweet:

Thank you, that was very kind of you. His attitude is just great, not many like you.

Juan Carlos Giraldo.