Part 2 : Global Behaviors in Social Media

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How do social media styles differ by culture/nation?

This is part II of a blog series in which my friend and mentor Natascha Thomson  , CEO of Marketing Xlerator and I try to provide answers to this question by surveying our world-wide networks.


Note: We make no claim that the results of our informal survey are statistically relevant but they represent insights from people who use social media regularly for business.

We asked the following questions:

  1. In your country (or region or culture, if you prefer), how does the majority of people view social media?
  2. What would you say is a unique characteristic about social media usage in your culture?


California, CA (raised in Germany)
Natascha Thomson, CEO MarketingXLerator, Silicon Valley, USA

Natascha Thomson of MarketingXLerator






1 .-  Silicon Valley (the home of many hot social media platforms) is not representative of the whole US but overall, the sentiment towards social media in the USA is overall positive.

2. –  Americans tend to feel comfortable talking about themselves in public. Often, they learn in high-school and college to stand up and give presentations.



Ingeborg van Beusekom, Sr. Marketing Communications Manager & PR at SAP Nederland BV

Ingeborg van Beusekom






1 . – Business

2. Personal


United Kingdom

Sarah Goodall, Regional Head of Social Media (EMEA) at SAP in England

Sarah Goodall






1 .- In the UK, I would suggest adoption is pretty limited in Gen X age group and older.

2 – Generally, folks use social media (such as Twitter) to vent frustration, log errors, moan about something. It’s a way to complain as us Brits love to complain.


United Kingdom/ East Coast USA

John Appleby, Global Head of SAP HANA at Bluefin Solutions, England/Philadelphia

John Appleby, Bluefin Solutions






1. – I’m from the UK and living in the East Coast of the USA. Here, social media is something which is acceptable in moderation, in business.

2 .- Those people who are primarily focused on social media aren’t taken too seriously.


Austria / Silicon Valley

Mario Herger, CEO & Founder of Enterprise Gamification Consultancy & CEO of Austrian Innovation Center Silicon Valley

Mario Herger, Gamification Innovator






1 .-  Social Media use is quite usual for Austria. Although there is always a skeptical tendency towards new technologies, Austrians tend to complain, but then they “buy” it anyways.

2 . – From a professional point XING is the dominant professional network, although LinkedIn is also used.


China / Asia Pacific

Greg Dierickse, President, Wave Marketing Group LLC

Greg Dierickse of Wave Marketing Group






1 .- A few years back, during a social media user group session, a few young Chinese summed it up very well, “Our culture has been all about networking and word of mouth, social media is just a digitalization of what we do.” Now dig a little deeper, you can see why it’s so true.

2.- The majority of people is a tricky one.

3. –  Again in China, social media is very very active.

4 .- Last, with the stunning growth of online commerce (see Taobao, or even I can see heavy use of social media, mobile & commerce.

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JC Giraldo.