Is Google Plus a Great Place to Engage ?

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Natascha Thomson & JC Giraldo


It started with an email exchange and ended in extensive research, interviews and, finally, this blog on the viability of Google Plus for B2B marketers.

While there is much written about Google Plus being one of the biggest and most active networks, for some reason, we did not seem to see this in our own networks. Natascha and I are also both on Facebook, where he have been building our network for a longer time, and maybe – for that reason – we have not been as dedicated on G+ as we needed to be to see more return.

I asked Natascha: “Where on G+ is all this supposed activity happening. I don’t see it in my newsfeed”. Her response: I think where it’s happening is in the communities, and via Google Hangouts.”  But, she added: “That’s just my personal experience, we’d need to dig deeper”.

Well, here we are.

As we did for our popular series about the use of social media around the globe, we started to reach out to our networks to gather some facts.


  1. Analysis of data obtained from sources including: Jeff Bullas, JanraineMarketer, Marketing Xlerator .
  2. Interviews with people in our network who are active on social media. This is a random and small group and, hence, not statistically significant.


While the Google CEO Larry Page said in his own post on the company’s social network that: “We’ll continue working hard to build great new experiences for the ever increasing number of Google+ fans”, we dug deeper to see what this really means.

1. Janrain Report: Social Login Trends Across the Web Q1 2014

The graphic illustrates how in the first quarter of 2014, Google Plus increased as a choice for social login, not too far behind the number one, Facebook.


What are the reasons?

2. Jeff Bullas (Social Media Expert)

According to Jeff Bullas, G+ is all about data gathering for Google:

“To create a Google Plus account you needed to tell them your age, location, email account and other data that revealed your likes and dislikes. We also live in a digital data age that empowers us to express, publish and share. That reveals who we are and Google can use that to increase revenue and improve user experience. Nothing is for free.”

Jeff’s article 12 Awesome Social Media Facts and Statistics for 2013 provides more insights. We’ll focus on facts #1, #5, and #6:

Fact #1: Google+ is catching up to Facebook in terms of membership

Social media facts figures and statistics 2013 1

Note: a Google+ account is mandatory whenever you create a new Gmail account, pushing up the account ownership stats.

Fact #5: Usage of social networks by older age groups is increasing

Social media facts figures and statistics 2013 1

Fact #6. Google+ dominates on monthly visits

The graphic below shows:

Social media facts figures and statistics 2013 1

More proof (see graph below):

Social media facts figures and statistics 2013 1

3 .  Marketing Xlerator

According with the post Are You the Steward of Your Social Identity?  :

If we talk in terms of convenience of logging in with your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest account  called social sign-on – we can see that:


Therefore :

4.  eMarketer

It is very interesting to note that Google has much more to offer, with a very important market: teens and young people

Daniel Marcec, spokesman for eMarketer said to US News : “If teens are into the ‘next big thing,’ it certainly isn’t Google Plus,”

eMarketer report bellow show :



And  some interesting thoughts  :

If you have comments, please comment . We’d like to hear about your own experience with Google Plus.