Highly Recommended New Podcast : “Dear HBR” of Harvard Business Review

Screenshot Podcast : Dear HBR

I am a big fan of Harvard Business Review and his podcast IDEA Cast, it’s a great podcast and one of my favorites, where you can learn from great professionals around the world.

I am so happy that they have a new program: Dear HBR Podcast, where they are sharing great advice for workplace dilemmas and real situations that some people have, very interesting .

The program has two hosts: Daniel McGinn and Alison Beard they are also editors of Harvard Business Review and they are working very well, I really like the idea and concept of their show : they get questions from listeners and also you can send questions to the hosts via an email at dearhbr@hbr.org (anonymity guaranteed).

I was listening to a very interesting episode, the episode number 3 and the topic it’s a hot topic: How deal with a difficult co-worker .

There are many ways to deal with this kind of people.

I personally had to deal with a lot of this kind of people and never felt on their games. I used a lot of emotional intelligence and empathy. However, it is interesting also how this kind of people was rewarded by some bosses even if they already knew what kind of people they were.

In this episode, the hosts answer all your questions and sharing great advice with the help of Stanford management professor Bob Sutton, an expert in dealing with difficult co-workers.

I’d like to share with you the episode number 3 “Difficult People”, but before you listen it I would ask you this question : Do you work with a jerk?

Very interesting show with great tips that you should listen and more important if you’re a boss.

Always you should remember being a boss does not necessarily mean being a leader.

Highly recommended Podcast available on different podcast apps.

Juan Carlos Giraldo, is a Small Business Marketing Consultant and Founder of Podcast and Business, Boston, USA