Narcissism ( online ) Society .

I have to admit that this post does not have anything to do with my podcast or my career because I am not a therapist, however, something that I really like is ethics and best professionals practices.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about many things of how people ( aka Influencers, millennials and just regular people ) who’re involved in the social media business are acting.

Everything or pretty much everything it’s about “them” and it’s not about you ( their followers ) everything it’s about Me, Me and Me or I, I, I. ( They ).

Like this kind of examples :

  • My article feautered in …
  • I was featured …
  • He or she is awesome, she talk about me in…..
  • Me in or Me at with
  • So proud of being part of the top ten influencers according to XYZ online magazine.
  • Self-quotes
  • I am HELPING to
  • Over posting their lives
  • and so on…you named it!

I think there is an incongruity because they promote sharing, however, they do not, because it is only about them.


And of course, in the “social part” of social media ( Instagram/FB ), the massive selfies and/or “food-porn” pics are flooding our ( my ) screens.

Sometimes, I thought that I should be a psychologist…honestly.

This makes me tired, and guess what, I unfollowed or “mute” many of them, I am not learning anything, even a little bit of “marketing” from them…..and the main question is if their followers are learning from this shallowness and sometimes tacky “posts”… they? I think a lot about the IQ of many of them.

Sometimes, I asked myself :

  • Am I boring because I do not agree with that?
  • Are they perfect?
  • Is it the right way to do “Social Media”?
  • Is the real “marketing” in that way?
  • Should I start to do that to be more “successful” and get more money?

I don’t think so…of course NOT.

I considered myself a researcher, all my life I enjoyed do research since I was a kid — and the most important analyzing — about my passions like birds, geography, stats, crafting, history, marketing and get a conclusion about the results of my research and what I learned of course.

The most important is interpreted what you learned or read.

So, I bought in Amazon a book called “The Narcissism Epidemic” by Jean M. Twenge and W. Keith Campbell, both authors are PH.D.

Why I bought this book, you know why, first of all, because I like to read, second because I would like to try to understand what’s going with these people, I mean the “influencers” or narcissistic professionals who work in Social Media.

I’d like share with you the base of this very interesting book :

The authors mention that there is four-legged stool in the society…..I mean the narcissism “social media” society I’d say:

  • One leg is developmental, including permissive parenting and self-esteem focused education.
  • The second leg is the media culture of shallow celebrity
  • The third is the Internet. Despite many benefits, the Web also serves as conduit for individual narcissism.
  • The fourth, easy credit makes narcissistic dream into reality. The narcissistic inflation of the self was cultural twin of the inflation of credit.

From the marketing perspective, brands hire these people to influence others ( they do not influence me ), therefore, brands are part of this and feeding these narcissistic and contribute to raise the shallowness and create a more empty world and not a nice world where people have just something very simple : JOY.

Ok, probably you notice that I have an accent, because, my grammar, and you know what, I do not care, in this stage of my life I do not care if you read some “grammar — errors” in my English…..honestly..

To me, the most important is to help each other and collaborate and do not do the oppositive

Have a good one.

Juan Carlos Giraldo, Founder of Podcast and Business. Boston, US.