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Reseña Libro De Brian Solis : ¿ Cuál Es El Futuro De Los Negocios ?

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¿ Por Qué Flumarketing ?
Un Buen Customer Experience Y Un Mal Customer Experience .

Esta imagen del Libro de Brian Solis : [...]

Los Supermercados, Groceries y El Customer Experience : ¿ Qué Se Viene ?

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En Podcasting Ya No Vale La Pena Apostar Por SoundCloud

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Data In Business : A Crucial Role
Today, data plays a more crucial role in business than ever before. Data-driven marketing is not just a buzz term, it’s a real business need for those who [...]
Brand Innovators Boston 2016 : My Recap
Last November 10th, I attended The Brand Innovators Summit here in Boston. I had a great time : good professionals, good networking, good learning, good [...]
Are We Innovators? Interview With Saul Kaplan : Founder Of Business Innovation Factory
I have learned that when there is any doubt about any specific topic or perhaps even just want to know more, the best solution is to go and find an expert [...]
My Hobby And My Great Experience With Milk Paint : Interview With The Owner Of The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company
Nowadays, we are in the customer experience era and in my opinion involve everything we are doing everyday with companies, products, services, etc, in one [...]
The IoT It’s So Important For Brands & Customers
A few weeks ago, I published an article on LinkedIn in Spanish. ¿ Es El IoT Una Oportunidad Para Las Marcas, Empresas y Consumidores ? ( Is The IoT A Great [...]