Real Marketers Love Support Good Causes

Lately I was thinking, and I’ve been seeing that a lot of marketers and people who work in social media or in our “online world” like to support good causes. This is very good because I do as well, don’t you?

I also wonder if it is a good idea to share the causes that we support. Of course it is. It’s so important. I was having a informal conversation with my colleague, Natascha Thomson, CEO of Marketing Xlerator, about that topic. And in our opinion, not everything is about followers, SEO, SEM, CX, etc.

Now, in this era where the comunication is so fast, Natascha and I think that we can help to spread the word and tell people, “Hey folks, join us to help to others via the differents causes around the world.”

The main goal about good causes it’s create awareness for more people….for more marketers

We both thought that this was a good topic for a blog, and decided to co-author again a post, gathering information from professionals in our networks.

We asked the following questions:

  1.  What is your favorite charity / volunteer organization or similar? And why do you like them in particular? (please list the URL(s) to their site(s))
  2. How do you express your support? Do you leverage your social media expertise?
  3. Why do you think supporting a charitable cause is important for marketers?

Here the results :


CEO at Red Pantz

Award-Winning Marketing Executive

San Francisco, USA

 1. I’ve been a long-term supporter of a handful of organizations but at the moment, I’m really focusing on Shelter 4 Nepal. It’s a project funded by volunteers who pay for and build shelters in Nepal for those affected by the earthquakes and with no to minimal resources. I had a chance to work with them when I was there and know that they are stretching every dollar as far as possible. They are amazing people! Their site is

2. Absolutely. I’ve been sharing their website, and pictures and videos from our time together in Bhaktapur. Since I came back home, I’ve been sharing their updates and blogged about them. I’m also doing an “Ayurveda 101 to Help Nepal” fundraiser to help with this cause at my yoga studio in Los Gatos on October 18.

3. The short answer is “because it’s the right thing to do”.

The long answer is “because whether or not we realize it, we are all connected to each other. On a macro scale, when you’re hurt, I’m hurt. When you’re suffering, I’m suffering. Our innate desire is to be happy. We each have a part to play in making this world happier and more pleasant. And making a positive change starts with one person: you. Put good energy into the universe, build good karma. There’s a sense of happiness and energy boost you’ll get from supporting a good cause.

As marketers, we have the gift of knowing how to get the word out and how to rally people behind a cause. We can use these skills to help make our world happier, healthier and more pleasant.

You can reach Miss Neiger at :

LinKedIn : Petra Neiger

Twitter :  @Petra1400


Managing Director & Partner at Cato Brand Partners Europe & LATAM

Author the book  BRAND OFF ON

Madrid – Spain – LatAm

1. There are many, but substantially UNICEF that is not the best, represents the spirit of caring about Children. In them I want to include all of which support this kind of cause.

Of course as any huge organization has things to improve but above all their voice is heard.

2. Through donation and sharing info and campaigns through social media. I wish I could do more.

But we need to be aware that, in general, social media audiences are more interested in gossiping and voyeurism than humanitarian crisis and children rights. But there’s hope some day this will change.

3. I think is important for human beings, not only marketers. Helping matters. We talk in marketing a lot about the new “collaborative economy”. What about generosity? Cooperation?

If you have the chance to help with money, that´s great, if you can also provide time, that´s as good, and if you can support with both that’s awesome.

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LinkedIn : Andy Stalman

Twitter :  @AndyStalman

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Principal at Marketing Agency Kayak Online

Author the book : Disruption: How Successful People Use Social Media for Business

Cancer Survivor

Calgary – Canada

1. The Duke of Edinburg Community Youth Initiative.

A non-profit organization where all funds go towards supporting at-risk youth in remote northern communities where drugs, gangs and suicide are all too prevalent. The Duke provides a structured program for individual personal development through physical activity and teamwork which is delivered in cooperation with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and community volunteers.

2. Half rate services (2012-13), no charge $10,000 in web and marketing support (2014), online marketing and social engagement training (2014), ongoing web and marketing coaching (since 2014), with them in spirit (forever).

3. I’m motivated entirely by the opportunity to help others grow.

You can reach Mr. Milanovic at :

LinkedIn : Randy Milanovic

Twitter : @Kayak360


Principal & Digital Marketing Strategist at J Campbell Social Media

Speaker and Specialist in Digital Marketing for Nonprofits Organizations

Boston – USA

 1. I can’t really name a personal favorite since my clients are all nonprofits, but I love the work of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. My daughter and I organized a large lemonade stand for them and with our friends we raised over $1,000. They sent out a representative and provided us with a lot of support. I just think they do great work and they support their volunteer fundraisers very well.

2. Organized a lemonade stand in a high foot traffic area of Salem, MA, and promoted it via social media channels. I volunteer with another nonprofit that is focused on local issues – I sit on their Board and I manage their Twitter account and provide social media consulting to them.

3. I think supporting charitable causes is important to all people – we are all part of this world and this society. Instead of complaining about what’s wrong with the world, why not support and organization that is trying to do good? For marketers, lending your expertise to a nonprofit is a wonderful way to show them support. Small nonprofits are often in dire need of training and marketing know-how, so any help you can give them I am sure would be appreciated.

You can reach Mrs. Campbell at :

Linkedin : Julia Campbell

Twitter : @JuliaCSocial


Founder & CEO at Galenika Cosmetics

Sales, Marketing and Pharmaceutical Consultant

Cancer Survivor

Madrid – Spain

1. My favorite volunteer organization is Fundación Menudos Corazones are located in Madrid-Spain, Menudos Corazones works to improve the quality of life of people with congenital heart disease and their families. Here their site .

I like this foundation, because, since the first day I connected emotionally with them and I think they do the right things, besides being related to health issues, as pharmacist.

2. I given support mainly in two activities or programs:

  • Hospital Program, organizing activities for children admitted to a hospital in southern Madrid once a week.
  • Young people with heart disease Camino de Santiago de Compostela, I join them for a week, once a year.

As far as possible I rely on my knowledge of social media to publicize the activities of the foundation, to share experiences with children and young people with congenital heart disease, teach them how use properly the social networks and I do through my web page, where I share all the activities with the kids.

3. Marketing is to make a customer not only buy once, it’s repeat and repeat, again and again. Marketing people should be able to undertake and spread solidarity  activities.

Understanding the importance of volunteering as a way to help others. People want to be more humane and the marketing can help in that humanization.

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LinkedIn : Guillermo Rodriguez Borges

Twitter : @grodriguez30

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Personal Branding Consultant at Alberto Busquets

LEAN Startup Expert

Barcelona – Spain

1. I would say that people who are facing charity, are unfortunately “touched” for don’t have the opportunity or able to choose. That is not fair. It should not be like that.

Let me talk to you about “Aldeas Infantiles”, a non profit that work for the childhood. The last summer, I’ve had the opportunity to participating in the diffusion of some projects with them, always in order to make the life of this kids easier and happy.

You can see the great job that “Aldeas Infantiles” are doing visiting their web page

2. Unconditional support, with my knowledge and expertise, and everything that’s in my hands, like consultancy, creative, or working with them in “real life” (which is very exciting!) .

The best campaign for brands starts with SEO strategy, but when we use SEM, on my opinion have a better impact, because telling someone that a kid is suffering is telling the true.

In our daily life, we are busy, something similar can occur here, and for that reason, we must tell the people from our Social Media influence “Hey! Listen! Our day has been hard right ? but look what’s happening around the world. Would you help us?”, and I am 100 % sure that people, I mean real good people, will help us, that’s very nice.

3. Our job as marketers is helping those who have nothing, it’s important, but not only as marketing designers, SEO expert,etc, most important as person, as human being.

The key to make life easier to people without anything might be in our hands, in our knowledge or expertise, we are their resource? Lucky us!

Marketing is something marvellous and using it to make happy to people who don’t have nothing , makes it even more marvellous.

You can reach Mr. Busquest at :

Twitter : @albusquets

Personal Web :

Steven Zielke

 Founder & CEO at Blappsta.

Mobile Communications Enthusiast

Hannover – Germany

  1. I am a rotary and I am it from the bottom of my heart. The reason is simple: you get together with friends you share the passion of helping others. Also we always try to balance helping in general, which can be international and helping very local. Also since we meet weekly it is something you constantly are doing.
  2. To be honest Social Media plays too little of a role. I know I could do more there. Our support iOS very direct and in many cases it means hands on.
  3. I think it is in general important. It gives you the view at things and problems of others and makes you understand that it is not all about you. For marketers it may be interesting because it is not about promoting for your own need but for the need of others.

Youn can reach Mr. Zielke at :

LinkedIn : Steven Zielke


Natascha and I we would like to say thanks to our wonderful participants who took the time to share with us their thoughtfulness about charity .

Also we would like to share the causes that we support :

Natascha support many causes, but one is very important to her :  Purple Toes & Finding a Cure for Lung Cancer .

I support : Smith Lemli Opitz Fundation, Alzheimer Association and Perkins School for Blind.

Image : Google Images