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(Español) Las Marcas ( y sus apps ) Se Necesitan Entre Si : Match + Starbucks
Brands & Digital Marketers :The Importance Of #Hispanic Market In U.S.
I’ve traveled to many wonderful places both for work and pleasure around the world. I still remember my first trip to Quito, Ecuador, Santiago, Chile, as [...]
Real Marketers Love Support Good Causes
Lately I was thinking, and I’ve been seeing that a lot of marketers and people who work in social media or in our “online world” like to [...]
No Es Broma : Pronto La Nueva App #Peeple : La “Yelp Para La Gente” !
LA YELP PARA PERSONAS FUE ANIQUILADA ANTES DE SU LANZAMIENTO La controversial App Peeple, una startup canadiense, fue practicamente aniquilada antes de su [...]
[ PODCAST ] Marketing, Apps y Deporte : Su Importancia En El Emprendedor
Siempre fui un convencido que una actividad paralela a nuestro trabajo diario trae resultados. Me explico : Una actividad como el deporte, permite que [...]
International Business Is More Than Just A Handshake
One thing that I am really passionate about is chocolate. I am also passionate about geography and geopolitics. I use to love to collect National [...]
Identifying Your Influencers:Who Influences You? Who Do You Influence?
Lately, I am seeing and reading a lot about the role of influencers and their “Influence” in our digital world or social media. According to [...]
Blizzard 2015 : Newsjacking Opportunity
Everyone knows that some parts of the United States is being hit by a huge blizzard, called Juno . Which means a great Newsjacking opportunity, right ? [...]
Guest Post : “Social Media Never Sleeps…But Here’s Why You Should” by Petra Neiger
I always believe that guest posts are very important in our online business for many reasons: Allow you to learn about new topics See different point of [...]
Marketeros y Las Leads Que Se Han Convertido En Las Más Importantes
Corto post Estuve revisando y analizando una información de los 10 más poderosos gráficos en el Inbound Marketing y su efectividad. Que interesante, los [...]