¿ Por Qué Flumarketing ?
My Hobby And My Great Experience With Milk Paint : Interview With The Owner Of The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company
Nowadays, we are in the customer experience era and in my opinion involve everything we are doing everyday with companies, products, services, etc, in one [...]
The IoT It’s So Important For Brands & Customers
A few weeks ago, I published an article on LinkedIn in Spanish. ¿ Es El IoT Una Oportunidad Para Las Marcas, Empresas y Consumidores ? ( Is The IoT A Great [...]
Brands & Digital Marketers :The Importance Of #Hispanic Market In U.S.
I’ve traveled to many wonderful places both for work and pleasure around the world. I still remember my first trip to Quito, Ecuador, Santiago, Chile, as [...]
Real Marketers Love Support Good Causes
Lately I was thinking, and I’ve been seeing that a lot of marketers and people who work in social media or in our “online world” like to [...]
No Es Broma : Pronto La Nueva App #Peeple : La “Yelp Para La Gente” !
LA YELP PARA PERSONAS FUE ANIQUILADA ANTES DE SU LANZAMIENTO La controversial App Peeple, una startup canadiense, fue practicamente aniquilada antes de su [...]
International Business Is More Than Just A Handshake
One thing that I am really passionate about is chocolate. I am also passionate about geography and geopolitics. I use to love to collect National [...]
Identifying Your Influencers:Who Influences You? Who Do You Influence?
Lately, I am seeing and reading a lot about the role of influencers and their “Influence” in our digital world or social media. According to [...]
Blizzard 2015 : Newsjacking Opportunity
Everyone knows that some parts of the United States is being hit by a huge blizzard, called Juno . Which means a great Newsjacking opportunity, right ? [...]
5 Visionaries : The 2015 Marketing Predictions
Throughout 2014, content marketing was a principal player in many organizations. Many experts, leaders, CEO’s, CMO’s, etc., said that the [...]