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La Ambiculturalidad y La Captura Del Mercado Hispano En USA
Es del dia a dia tener conceptos que nos permiten conocer y/o profundizar en temas interesantes en el mundo del marketing . Los latinos que vivimos en [...]
Mi Experiencia En El Brand Innovators Content Marketing Boston #BIsummit
El Jueves 22 de Octubre se llevó a cabo aqui en mi ciudad el Brand Innovators Content Marketing en los headquarters de la prestigiosa agencia de publicidad [...]
I am a beginner in Pinterest and You?
As a beginner that I am in Social Media, I think we should focus not only on Facebook or Twitter, we must also meet the “new” apps that we have [...]
M&M’s more than a chocolate…a World..!
Wich M&M’s chocolate you like more?…well..dificult uh ..? I like more, the M&M peanut …Yes ! M & M’s is part of the [...]
Pepsi :The Choice of My Generation
Many times we ask ourselves: Why? I like a Soda more than another? The reason is simple: As we grow our taste memory gets used to a certain flavor. In my [...]
The Kindness of VistaPrint
Who does not need a business card?? and how many times we saw in our screens 250 free bussines cards !!??..The question is :we did the click?.. I Did..was [...]
Hi World ! , Today I am launching My blog