What’s going on with the conversations? Technology or….Us?
After thinking and observing the behavior of many people around me, (I myself also, I did and no anymore ) in different places, such as restaurants, [...]
Pepsi :The Choice of My Generation
Many times we ask ourselves: Why? I like a Soda more than another? The reason is simple: As we grow our taste memory gets used to a certain flavor. In my [...]
IKEA : Good Things,Good Price
It is important to learn how companies behave and share the culture of the country where they were created, continuing in the countries where they have [...]
The Starbucks Culture
When I started reading Howard Behar, who was a former president of Starbucks, I realized many things that are inside, the more, bigger and [...]
Why in some Publix attention is “better” than other Publix?
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