The Starbucks Culture

When¬†I started reading¬†Howard¬†Behar, who was¬†a former president of¬†Starbucks,¬†I realized¬†many things that¬†are inside, the more,¬†bigger and better¬†company¬†(not just¬†coffee)¬†in the world such as¬†Starbucks,¬†Not only is it¬†a ¬ęcoffee¬†cup¬Ľ….Starbucks

When¬†we become¬†a customer of¬†Starbucks –¬†I do not mean¬†to be a¬†¬ęsimple¬Ľ client¬†-because even¬†the cashier or¬†the one who prepares¬†coffee,¬†you can enjoy¬†those few¬†minutes that¬†the ¬ęconversation¬Ľ¬†with you¬†engages in¬†a ¬ęrelationship¬Ľ cordial¬†and friendly¬†that¬†goes beyond receivable / payable¬†or preparing¬†coffee.

You can¬†find¬†the best place to¬†relax, read, meet people, think,listen music,dates,biz and of course¬†enjoy any kind of coffee….

ok..Something that¬†caught my attention¬†was the¬†kindness in¬†the ¬ęreal¬Ľ Starbucks¬†workers…Many of¬†them became¬†great friends, which to¬†this day¬†retain¬†their friendship and¬†that even¬†they helped me¬†through difficult life, things¬†I could¬†never¬†imagine.

Any person,¬†can not belong to¬†Starbucks,¬†you have to have, I think,¬†a¬†particular¬†personality,¬†that will help not¬†only to ¬ęsell¬Ľ a cafe,¬†if not that,¬†you have to ¬ęintroduce¬Ľ in each¬†customer…

Other point is the excellent Starbucks ¬†alliance with¬†Barnes and Nobl¬†gives¬†a special touch¬†that¬†go hand in hand,¬†two wonderful¬†human activities:¬†reading and enjoying¬†conversation¬†or just¬†think, with¬†a cup¬†of coffee¬†in hand….

I wanted to¬†mention my¬†favorite ¬† ¬† stores…Boston:¬†Boylston¬†St., Newbury¬†St,¬†Chestnut¬†Hill,¬†Newtonville, Newton¬†Center,Kenmore.
Florida:¬†Barnes¬†and Noble¬†in¬†Boca¬†Raton,¬†Miami¬†Beach, Aventura¬†City,Sunny Isles…

Ok if you have cold you can enjoy a Pumkin Spice Latte¬†or if you have Hot, your Caramel Frapuccino…or Passion Ice Tea….is awesome !

Enjoy Starbucks….

JC Giraldo.