The Kindness of VistaPrint

Who does not need a business card?? and how many times we saw in our screens 250 free bussines cards !!??..The question is :we did the click?.. I Did..was in Vistaprint of course..

At the beginning, I was skeptical, and i wondered it was true that a company like Vistaprint could you send cards for free with your name and the design that you want!

After registering and designing my own personal card with all my data ….
They thanked me for being with Vistaprint and the after 21 days would have my cards…was surprise for my received my cards in my house, absolutely FREE !! and the material is very good…!

Anyway…When you register you get a code (and if you desire) to become a reseller of them…This is not a bad idea … they offer discounts and other benefits..That really you have…

When I mention about the kindness of Vistaprint, is that they send you emails, and also mentioning offers ,suggestions on how to increase your own business, either with them or not…and other interesting web pages , domains,and all material advertising,etc.

That’s a excelent marketing and customer loyalty.. I constantly read the blog where we give tips to improve business and how we act with our customers..

I’ll recommend using Vistaprint, kind, easy, and do not saturate with many emails, only necessary, it is very wise and knows how to win a new customer like me,beside have many lenguages for make your things…really..

and remember always that is very important in our  professional life  and  our daily life.. is The

First Impression for this   use Vista Print and ….make an Impression…

JC Giraldo.