Highlights from My Book 42 Rules for B2B Social Media Marketing

Well, this is a short post but I’m sure will be very useful.

While it is true that even I end not to read ( I am 50 % ) my book «42 Rules for B2B Social Media Marketing«, where my mentor and friend, Natascha Thomson is co-author.

I’ve scored some Highlights, which are important to me and I’m sure I’ll have many  when I finish the all the book on my tablet, via Kindle.

In this first opportunity, I made a compilation of 20 Highlights, in my opinión, very personal by the way, I found them important.

Here we go,and are not in order of importance, are randomly :

  1. » Organizations have discovered that their customers know how to support each other better than their best service reps…»
  2. » We are active in Social Media as Marketers,Educators and Speakers..»
  3. » When we had our first meeting about writing this book,the first question we asked ourselves was , «Who is our audience?».After some debate,we conclude that primary person is a Product Marketing Professional,Campaign Marketing Professional,Product Manager or other Marketing Professional who is familiar with traditional marketing and now is being asked to include Social Media Marketing into their mix…»
  4. » Smarts Companies spend their time listening to the conversations customers are having with each other.This is what Social Media is really about it…»
  5. «…Marketers are more likely to agree than disagree that «content marketing is more important than advertsing…»
  6. » P.O.S.T = People,Objetive,Strategy,Tactics/Tools.»
  7. » The challenge is to align your Social Media content with your corporate tone while speaking in your own voice..»
  8. » Blogging is a great way to start a dialogue with your customers,prospects,partners and fellow employees.»
  9. » You can curate content on almost any Social plataform,blogs,Twitter,Facebook,Pinterest,etc..»
  10. » Collaborate Using Wikis ..On a wiki ,any contributor can make a changes to the content or format .»
  11. » When People go on your Twitter profile and click the «favorites» link they will see all the complimentary tweets about your product or service that you selected.»
  12. » If you have compelling content,put it on your blog..»
  13. » As with all marketing activities,Content is the King ..»
  14. » Like in the real world,it requires ongoing engagement to build trust and respect..»
  15. » When People thinh of Social Media,Facebook is often the first thing that comes to mind.For B2B marketing,with it’s multiple decision makers,there are may be better channels to invest your resources.»
  16. » Be judicious with blog post,pherhaps one per week.»
  17. » Remember there are always folks who know less than You do,so when in doubt,tweet it.One to five tweets per day will keep people watching your account.»
  18. » Competitors can read everything about your customers and how well your products and solutions fare in market.»
  19. » The Social behavior of mobile users creates a huge oportunity for brands and marketers to engage and capture readers,fans,followers,and leads.»
  20. » The Goal is not to drive people to YouTube;it is to find people on YouTube and drive them to your website».

I hope you have been useful, as they were for me, I promise to write a second post when I finish the book.

Enjoy !

JC Giraldo.