The IoT Is Here….Right Now ! ( Webinar Recap )


A few weeks ago, I published an article on LinkedIn in Spanish. ¿Es El IoT Una Oportunidad Para Las Marcas, Empresas y Consumidores? ( Is The IoT A Great Opportunity For Brands, Companies And Customers ? ) In this article, I explained some of my viewpoints about the concept and benefits of IoT and how it is impacting our lives right now and also how can be a great opportunity for marketers and brands.

A week later, my colleague and friend Natascha Thomson hosted a webinar vía Bright Talk : Business Disruptions with Internet of Things where she had Sudha Jamthe as a guest. Sudha is the author of the book IoT Disruptions 2020.

Sudha Jamthe, is globally recognized Entrepreneurial Mobile Product leader with 20+ experience building consumer mobile and ecommerce products. She loves guiding the next wave of technology to form entrepreneurial ecosystems and new business disruptions.

Also she has been a venture mentor at MIT and Director at Bay Area, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ Meetups and also actively contributes to Techcrunch, Mashable, Gigaom and Venturebeat.

During the webinar, I took note of many important concepts about IoT ( and I tweeted of course !! ) and I thought why not write a article about my experience.

So I’m going to pull out some of my tweets 🙂 with the hashtag #IoTAI ( IoT Artificial Intelligence ) .

Business Disruption with #IoT Tweets

Big thanks to Natasha and her guest Sudha for the useful information that helped me understand much more about this concept !

Click the link to get more info about the book and the webinar.

JC Giraldo